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Product Name:
Water-Resistant Abrasive Paper (GHS3)~(GHS18)
Description:280mmX120mm / 8 piece

(GHS3) 2ea. 220x, 320x, 400x, 600x
(GHS4) 2ea. 800x, 1200x, 1500x, 2000x
(GHS7) 220 grit
(GHS8) 320 grit
(GHS9) 400 grit
(GHS10) 600 grit
(GHS11) 800 grit
(GHS12) 1200 grit
(GHS13) 1500 grit
(GHS14) 2000 grit
(GHS15) 2ea. 120x, 150x, 180x, 220x
(GHS16) 120 grit ( 8 piece)
(GHS17) 150 grit ( 8 piece)
(GHS18) 180 grit ( 8 piece)

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