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Product Name:
4" Buffing Wheels (TW-BLZ1)
Description:The Wheel Buff System is specially designed to work the convex surfaces of bowls, platters, vessels and more. The wheel kits are offered in two diameters for choosing the best size suited for your work. Each buff works in conjunction with specific wax compound. The wheels are generally ran around on your lathe and can also be used on a standard motor using the 3-1/2" mounting Hub The Buffs mount to a lathe using a lathe adaptor and 3-1/2" mounting hub. Wheels are color coded for easy reference.

1 ea. Linen Buff Wheel
1 ea. Linen & Cotton Buff Wheel
1 ea. Cotton Flannel Wheel
1 ea. Mounting Hub
1 ea. Tripoli Compound
1 ea. White Diamond Compound
1 ea. Carnauba Compound
1 ea. 3-1/2" Mounting Hub
All Necessary Hardware for Installation


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