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Product Name:
Coping Sled HD Dual Fence (RAVT)(RAV2)(RAV3)(RAV4)
Description:Perform heavy cuts on the largest of parts on this dual fence coping sled. The secondary control handle provides extra control while performing end grain rail cuts. The three 500 lbs clamps hold your work piece securely between the dual fences while the friction strip resists part movement during routing.
The ergonomically positioned primary handle provides comfort and gives excellent control of the sled as you push it past the cutter. A replaceable backer block prevents blow out as the cutter exits the wood. Excellent for holding small parts requiring routed edges. Aluminum construction for durability and rigidity.

A. (RAVT) 13mm aluminum base
     (RAV2) 9.5mm aluminum base, minimum order: 200pcs
     (RAV3) 9.5mm aluminum base, minimum order: 500pcs

B. (RAV4) 10" steel miter bar for 3/4" T-trck for the RAV series coping sled.


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