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Product Name:
Centering System (CGS1)(CGS2)(CGS3)(CGS4)(CGS5)(CGS6)(CGS7)(CGS8)
Description:Centering a router plate to a router can be very difficult. One of the biggest issues is making sure the center hole on the router plate perfectly aligns with the center of the collet on the router. The router plate centering Kit makes this process much easier and is right on every time. The kit comes with a unique centering disc that fits neatly into the router plate opening* for accurately centering the router plate on the router. Also included are 4 longer replacement screws to accommodate the thickness of the router plate if necessary. Comes with full instructions to walk you through the simple process step by step.

Note: Your router plate should be the standard 1-3/8" recessed hole that accepts Porter Cable™ style bushings.

Note: All screw sizes listed below may fit other routers not listed.

Please be sure to check your router base screw size before choosing.

(CGS1) Screw Size M4
/ Bosch: 1350-1450-1600-1613-1617-1618
/ ELU: 2721
/ Makita: 3600-501-600 (Pre-1993)
/ Dewalt: 614-615-621

(CGS2) Screw Size M5
/ ELU: 3304
/ Hitachi: TR12-M12V
/ Makita:3601-360
/ Ryobi: 150-151

(CGS3) Screw Size M6
/ Bosch: 1550-1611-1614-1615
/ ELU: 3337-3338-3339
/ DeWalt:624-625
/ Freud: Ft2000

(CGS4) Screw Size M8
/ Ryobi: 600 (current model)

(CGS5) Screw Size #8-32
/ DeWalt: 610-616-618
/ ELU: 315
/ Sears: 27504-27505-27510-27511

(CGS6) Screw Size #10-24
/ Porter Cable: 100-536-630-690-691-693-7529
/ Milwaukee: 5615 - 5619

(CGS7) Screw Size #10-32
/ Ryobi: 185 Sears: 17504-17506-17445-1730-1749-17477

(CGS8) Screw Size 5/16-18
/ Porter Cable: 518-520-7518-7519-7536-7537-7538-7539


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