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Four-Jaw Hand Brace (JHB1)

Power tools are great, but sometimes a quality jaw brace is more practical and precise. This brace turns on a 10 diameter axis and provides a tremendous amount of torque. Boring a series of 1 holes eight inches deep, for example, can overheat or even burn out the motor on most drills. So can be the case when driving heavy duty lag bolts. This jaw brace will never tire under extreme force. This jaw brace features a beautifully machined four-jaw chuck. It will accept round shanks up to half an inch or 13mm. It has a bidirectional ruggedly built ratchet that is easily locked in both directions, or can be set to spin freely. Very handy in tight spots where a full circle cannot be achieved. The chuck travels smoothly on precision threads and when the ratchet is locked you can get a fail-proof grip on your bits. No need for chuck keys, and no slippage as is common with cordless drill chucks. Sweaty hands and plastic handles don't mix. This brace has a wooden handle on the crankshaft which swivels smoothly. The palm sized handle on the top spindle swivels with a slight pivot. The geometry of this jaw brace makes it easy to maintain a 90 degree angle. Designed to last, this is a tool to be handed down through generations




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