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End To End Dovetail Jig (KDS13)

Cutting dovetails on small or large projects has just gotten easier. From traditional dovetails to the antique look of wide spread dovetails, The Dovetail Wiz™ makes it simple. The hardest part about cutting dovetails is marking and cutting the matching angles to one another. Fortunately, we have done the math for you and milled the exact cuts that need to be made in this easy to use dovetail jig. This dovetail system works with precision bearing guides on the shank of the router bit instead of using those hard to center brass bushing guides. Since the bearing is already center on the bits, there is no slop, no wear and no waste, making set up fast and easy. Unlike other templates you have seen, our jig will work with different thickness of stock from 1/2" to 3/4" thick. (Optional router bit sets are available for thinner stock or box joints). It also does not limit your your stock width, it's as simple as making your first cut, then slide the jig down, realign and make your second cut. Or simply attack an Add-On Jig (Sold Separately) to your Dovetail Wiz™ to create a longer jig for any size project. This means the types of projects you can do with this jig are virtually endless! The connector tabs also except the Micro-Adjuster (Sold separately) to super fine tune the fit of your dovetail joint.



Your Choice of 15"Aluminum Dovetail Wiz
(The 15" jig include hardware)
1 each 7° Dovetail Router Bit
1 each straight bit with bearing
1 each instructional manual

(KDS13) 15"


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