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Product Name:
Fast-joint Template (PDJ4)~(PDJ29)

The template is designed to be used with the Fast-joint system. Templates are made from high density PVC material, which stays flat and will not warp or twist even after extended use.


(PDJ4) Wave Template/2pc set
(PDJ5) Heart Wave Template/2pc set
(PDJ6) Lock Template/2pc set
(PDJ7) Large Key Template/2pc set
(PDJ8) Teddy Bear Template/2pc set
(PDJ9) Lolli-pop Template/2pc set
(PDJ10) Arrowhead Template/2pc set
(PDJ11) Half Blind Dovetail Template/2pc set
(PDJ12) Heart Template/2pc set
(PDJ13) Key Template/2pc set
(PDJ14) Through Dovetail / Tail template/2pc set
(PDJ16) 8˚ Through Dovetail/2pc set
(PDJ17) King’s Crown Template/2pc set
(PDJ18) Top Hat template/2pc set
(PDJ19) Bread Box template/2pc set
(PDJ20) Hexagon template/2pc set
(PDJ21) New Arrow template/2pc set
(PDJ22) Bird’s Eye Template/2pc set
(PDJ23) Butterfly Wing template/2pc set
(PDJ29) Dog Bone Template/2pc set


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